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The app is a collaboration of a Pickleball junky and an ex tennis player.

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Young and old, beginner or professional this app crosses every intersection of the Pickleball world.

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Pickleball is just not a trend in the US. It is a global phenomemom and are building an international footprint.

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PickleballGo brings more visibility and instance accessibility to the sport on a global scale.


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Players can find your clinic easily!

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Get your clinic in front of local players.

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Use PickleballGo and save time, money, and get results.


Spend more time on the court and less time in front of a computer.


Generate a following for your Pickleball business.

Pricing for Clinics

Clinic pricing is dependent on how many clinics are run per month and how many students. Feel free to reach out to us below for volume discount information.

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